Welcome Hugo

I’ve moved my blog from one static site generator to another. I used to use a stripped clone of Plerd to generate html files. To be clear, that was a nice setup! Now I’m using Hugo to generate static content, from the very same markdown files.

I never was able to maintain mini-plerd (the stripped Plerd clone I mentioned above) as I hoped. Plerd upstream got updates, and I missed it. I didn’t even have markdown tables until very recently! I should have used the original Plerd.

Hugo comes with many theme choices. You need to pick one and go. Themes are easy enough to configure, and looks like easy enough to switch as well.

Another change I made was the way I deploy the blog. I used to upload my files to a DigitalOcean droplet, and serve my blog via nginx. That alone cost me $5/month. I could have used a storage like AWS S3 or DigitalOcean Spaces too. I’m now using GitHub pages, where you put your files into a repository and GitHub serves it for free. It works with custom domains too, so that’s great.

So far I love Hugo. It’s very easy to write new posts in local development environment.