Uncyclopedia to Detect Sarcasm?

As there’s The Onion (and Zaytung) for news, I want to introduce yet another humorous web project called Uncyclopedia. My bringing it up does not mean it’s new, it’s actually almost 10 years old. Instead of explaining what it is in detail, here’s some little quote from the anti-wiki’s article for Facebook:

Some regard Facebook as the pinnacle of human evolution, and in February of 2011, an Egyptian couple named their daughter after the site. In May of the same year, an Israeli couple named their daughter after Facebook’s “like” feature.

Not funny? Check this for Apple Inc, which obviously stands for Apple Incorporetarded on un-land.

The real Steve Jobs died of a fatal heroin overdose in 2004. Distraught at losing their beloved leader, Tim Cook and the rest of Apple’s board of directors built the iSteve.

What’s the point? Do you remember that the discussion we had last week about irony on social networks? I had an idea that maybe, we can use what Uncyclopedia authors publicly share to train several classifiers to detect irony. Almost everything on the page is about sarcasm! We may use The Onion as well. And the Zaytung too, for Turkish corpus. What do you think?

Here’s the wikipedia article for uncyclopedia, and here’s the uncyclopedia article for wikipedia, just in case I couldn’t make you confused enough.

And also, one of Istanbul’s sister cities is Matt Damon. That’s the end.