Pull Request Club 2020 Report

Pull Request Club is a web app matching open source contributors with maintainers. This happens through monthly assignments: Maintainers' repos are assigned to contributors. Assignment is to submit at least one pull request.

Pull Request Club started as a successor to CPAN Pull Request Challenge. With the end of 2020, Pull Request Club has completed its second year. Here’s the second annual report. See the one from last year here.

New Features

  • Newcomers get a special welcome assignment as soon as they sign up. This assignment is given 36 times and completed 9 times. 4 users who have completed the welcome assignment ended up doing more assignments.
  • Users can subscribe to (or opt out from) different types of emails.
  • Settings page got tabs. It used to list all settings in one page.
  • Forked repos are now allowed as assignments.


Statistic End of 2019 End of 2020
Total users 104 154
Total repos in assignment pool 226 250
Contributors who got at least 1 assignment 70 123
Contributors who submitted at least 1 PR 16 29
Maintainers who got at least 1 assignee 21 26
Maintainers who received at least 1 PR 14 24
Assignments given 172 348
Assignments completed (PR) 60 133
Assignment completion ratio 34.88% 38.22%

Here’s the good news: Pull Request Club users have exchanged 133+ pull requests! 🎉 And assignment completion ratio went a bit up.

I should also note the difference between assignment-getters (123) vs pr-submitters (29). We have 94 people who signed up, received an assignment and left the site. I am looking for ways to bring them back.

Top Three Users

Some of our users are breaking records with their love for open source. I’d like to give them a shout out here.

  • Mohammad S Anwar - Mohammad is the only user who has received and completed 24 assignments! Great job. I’m sure in the next annual report this number will be 36.
  • Håkon Hægland - Håkon has joined Pull Request Club in late March of 2019. Since signing up he has received and completed all 21 assignments! Just wonderful.
  • E. Choroba - Choroba has completed 18 assignments, which is a great number! In addition to completing assignments, Choroba’s repositories are assigned to other people 15 times. He’s both a great contributor and a great maintainer.

I thank all users of Pull Request Club for contributing to open source.

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