On Parsing Time Zones

I posted this to GitHub first, later edited and moved here.


This post is about a CPAN module I built, called WWW::Eksi. Module parses posts in a Turkish social network called Eksisozluk. All posts come with an attached “creation time”, and some also include “last update time”. I realized DateTime was throwing some errors for some of the posts. It turned out these posts had an attached time that never existed in Turkish time zone.


Turkey had daylight saving time since the 1940s. This means we had a “spring forward” day in March, and a “fall back” day in October.

Spring forward day is 23 hours. Clocks go from 00:59:59 to 02:00:00. There is no 01:30:00 on that day. This means if you find a post in this social network that has a timestamp of 01:30:00, then you are in trouble. I would like to call this nonexisting hour “NEVER-ZONE”.

Fall back day is 25 hours. Clocks go from 01:59:59 to 01:00:00. There are two 01:30:00s on that day. If you find a post with this time, you need to figure out whether it’s 01:30:00 (+3) or 01:30:00 (+2). Let’s call this interval “AMBIGUOUS-ZONE”.

Let’s look at what we can do to fix this problem.

Fixing Spring Forward with Try-Catch

If daylight saving rules were in sync, we wouldn’t have any problem figuring out time zone.

Post ID Turkey Time Eksisozluk Time Comment
101 00:59:59 (+2) 00:59:59 (+2) Both change TZ
102 02:00:00 (+3) 02:00:00 (+3) at the same time
111 02:59:59 (+3) 02:59:59 (+3) They are in
112 03:00:00 (+3) 03:00:00 (+3) sync all the time

But we know that these rules were out of sync for 2001 through 2006. Turkey had observed daylight saving at 01:00:00, whereas Eksisozluk had it at 02:00:00.

Post ID Turkey Time Eksisozluk Time Comment
201 00:59:59 (+2) 00:59:59 (+2) In sync up to here
202 02:00:00 (+3) 01:00:00 (+2) NEVER-ZONE
211 02:59:59 (+3) 01:59:59 (+2) NEVER-ZONE
212 03:00:00 (+3) 03:00:00 (+3) In sync again

If you try to create a DateTime object in Never-Zone, it will throw an error.

$ reply
0> use DateTime;
1> my $dt = DateTime->new(year=>2003, month=>3, day=>30, hour=>1, minute=>30, time_zone=>'Europe/Istanbul');
Invalid local time for date in time zone: Europe/Istanbul

Here’s the solution: We can catch that error, increment hour by one, and create DateTime object again. By doing so we will have the correct time zone data, even though that was not what Eksisozluk displayed to us.

I mentioned some posts have two times: One for creation, and another one for update. This solution works for both, so we are good here.

Fixing Fall Back with Post IDs

Even if daylight saving rules were in sync, we still end up with an Ambiguous-Zone. This is because Eksisozluk does not show us time zone alongside with time.

Post ID Turkey Time Eksisozluk Time Comment
301 00:59:59 (+3) 00:59:59 (+3)
302 01:00:00 (+3) 01:00:00 (+3) AMBIGUOUS-ZONE
311 01:59:59 (+3) 01:59:59 (+3) AMBIGUOUS-ZONE
312 01:00:00 (+2) 01:00:00 (+2) AMBIGUOUS-ZONE
321 01:59:59 (+2) 01:59:59 (+2) AMBIGUOUS-ZONE
322 02:00:00 (+2) 02:00:00 (+2)

If you try to create a DateTime object in Ambiguous-Zone, it will use latest possible time zone.

$ reply
0> use DateTime;
1> my $dt = DateTime->new(year=>2003, month=>10, day=>26, hour=>1, minute=>30, time_zone=>'Europe/Istanbul'); 1
$res[0] = 1

2> $dt->offset / 3600 # offset is in seconds, divide to get hours (+2)
$res[1] = '2'


If you parse post #302 and post #312, both of them will have the same time zone, +2. But we do know posts up to #311 are in +3. We can use these IDs to decide time zone of the post. Problem solved for creation time, but this doesn’t work for update time. If a post has an update time in Ambiguous-Zone, there is no way for us to know its time zone.

But we know daylight saving rules were not in sync.

Post ID Turkey Time Eksisozluk Time Comment
401 00:59:59 (+3) 00:59:59 (+3)
402 01:00:00 (+3) 01:00:00 (+3)
411 01:59:59 (+3) 01:59:59 (+3)
412 01:00:00 (+2) 02:00:00 (+3) AMBIGUOUS-ZONE
421 01:59:59 (+2) 02:59:59 (+3) AMBIGUOUS-ZONE
422 02:00:00 (+2) 02:00:00 (+2) AMBIGUOUS-ZONE
431 02:59:59 (+2) 02:59:59 (+2) AMBIGUOUS-ZONE
432 03:00:00 (+2) 03:00:00 (+2)

Turkey time has two 01:30:00s, and Eksisozluk time has two 02:30:00s. Since our goal is to parse Eksisozluk, I’ve marked Eksisozluk’s Ambiguous-Zone in table.

If we are seeing 01:30:00 in a post, this can only mean +3. DateTime will assume it’s +2, but we can subtract one hour to fix. This works both for creation time and update time.

If we are seeing 02:30:00 in a post, this is the Ambiguous-Zone of Eksisozluk time. DateTime will assume it’s +2, because there is only one 02:30:00 in Turkey time. We can get rid of ambiguity by looking at post IDs. If it’s between #412 and #421, we know it is 01:30:00 (+2), even though that is not the time displayed on Eksisozluk. Otherwise, we can leave it as 02:30:00 (+2). This solves the problem for creation time, but not for update time.


I picked the last one.