New Type of Network in Ekşisözlük

I haven’t written much about Ekşi Sözlük on the blog, the 1999-born Turkish social-network, but I have to confess I visit the site almost daily. There is also a CPAN module named WWW::Eksisozluk that I developed, as I think data on the site is very valuable. I’ve also witnessed several changes the platform went through, including the latest one I’m about the write on.

As a quick explanation, the site is formatted as a user-based dictionary. Users can create topics, or add definitions (entries) to topics. Users are able to upvote & downvote entries for years now. A rather new feature allowed users to mark entries they like as ‘favourites’, just as in Twitter.

The latest change? There are now two new tabs on profile page: First one is to show authors whose entries are marked as favourite by the user. Second one is the same, except it works the other way: It shows the list of authors who marked user’s entries as favourite. Both lists are short: They only show latest several authors, although how the list is ranked is unknown to anyone but developers. And these lists are dynamic, they come with a note saying ’last month only’.

There is still one week for us to experiment with a social network as a homework for cooperation technologies class, but I guess I’ve decided what to work on. We can even build a tool that would allow authors to see their dynamic networks to a number of degrees, that could be fun.